XR storytelling is a new and transformational way of engaging audiences and expressing ourselves.

The tools to create, showcase and distribute these stories are limited or inaccessible by young and starting creatives. XRT aims to build, share and organize experiences in cultural spaces to actively participate in shaping the future of this new medium and technology.

XRT is organizing worXshops, exploration sessions, hacXathons and eXhibitions to teach, share and celebrate radical and innovative stories in XR.

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XR technologies are extending the possibilities of communications. But it comes at a price. Literally everything is expensive, computers, sensors, displays, installations,… To be able to innovate means that you have to be in a position to invest time, resources and money. 

Many don’t have these, but we believe that their stories and ideas also matter. By sharing tools, experience and knowledge we want to enable more voices to be heard.

We are open to colaborate and learn from experienced commnunities and organisations how we can make XRT more inclusive and accesible. In exchange want to share our Tech and Storytelling skills with you.


I still have to put a video and some other stuff here so that people can reach out, give feedback or ask questions.