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β—Š Virtuology β—Š

Be part of something bigger than your bubble πŸ›€? Together we will build something new, a place where we can discover each other πŸ„, where we can be creative🎀 and take a break from the everyday. The doors of virtuology are open to everyone.

β—Š Virtuology β—Š is a place where everyone is accepted, can feel safe and your creativity is a vessel to explore the depths of your imagination. 🦾

β—Š Virtuology β—Š was a home for 27 people from 8 April until 20 May 2021. The inhabitants came from 4 different countries, aged between 17 and 73. With a self designed avatar, every inhabitant decorated and built their own room and took care the communal space. Together we organized 3 parties, pictionary, musical chairs and a space pirate karaoke.

Visit the digital remnants of β—Š Virtuology β—Š